Who are we?

We are a bunch of writers who live, eat and breathe content. We write, play and rest in a city called Gurgaon. Like this incredible city we are Indian at heart but global in outlook. Living in an ultra-cosmopolitan city like Gurgaon has its own advantages.We have people from all the corners of India living here, expatriates of almost 50 different nationalities reside here. Hobnobbing with a variety of diverse characters every day gives us the understanding of different perspectives. We have created content for clients in Gurgaon to Guntur and Geneva to Glasgow all with equal ease. It gives us pleasure to see a satisfied delighted clientele in this city and across the globe.

What do we do?

We create content the old fashioned way and that is by writing. In spite of that we are fast and effective, faster than the cut & paste job and obviously more effective than the automated software output. This is because; we listen, understand the client's requirement, research the subject, study the reader/customer and then start working. Yes, we do insert keywords in the content, judiciously so that the quality of the final article is not compromised.

What do we write?

We have written for an air conditioning company in Singapore, recipes for a food blog in India, reviewed games for a game blog in the US, contributed education articles for a national top magazine in India and more. We handle both offline and online projects adapting to the required style and the client's brief.

Website Content : Development, Re-writing and SEO

The website is sometimes the only interface between the customer and the company, it should not only be attractive but easy to read and thoroughly engaging. The length of the articles should be short enough to create interest and long enough to convey the subject. It should be search engine optimised too. The content here is permanent or stays for a long time hence we devote a lot of time re-writing and finalising the content for websites.

Blogs and Articles for Social Media and E-Commerce sites

Here the trick is being fresh and trendy. We keep a tab on the latest fad and the changing business, political environment. We capture whatever is in vogue relevant to your industry and create interesting content for your customers.

Articles, Features for Newspapers and Magazines

Features require stories which cover the entire subject at length without being boring. Every magazine and newspaper have a style of its own. We study and adapt the style in detail and produce the desired content after thorough research. We write about travel, lifestyle, politics, education, business and real estate domains.

Content for Newsletters and Brochures

Putting together all the facts and figures provided by you in a newsy and captivating format is the key to quality newsletters. We have the expertise to connect the variety of topics and stitching them into aseamless final stunning product.

Press Releases

A good press release which stands out has more chance of getting published. It should be generic, easy to read and simple to modify. We have been lucky and most of the pieces written by us have seen the light of the day.

Product Descriptions

Weaving humour around mundane technical products has been our forte. It helps to generate interest and likeability towards the advertised products. We put in a bit of copywriting if required.

Ghost Writing

We understand you first in detail so that we can copy your style and persona and replicate in the written work. Needless to say, all the rights is with you forever.

What are our rates?

Every project is different and so is the content. We charge as per the project. Keeping in view the time required, the complexity involved and the quantum of research to be done, we decide on the rates.

What are our payment terms?

We require a purchase order from you and 50% of the agreed price in advance, 25% with the first proof and the balance after submission of the final work.

How can we be contacted?

Call us at +91 9582833986 or drop a mail at gurgaoncontentwriter@gmail.com